A Comprehensive Postpartum Program Without Reinventing the Wheel

For Gym Owners & Coaches

100% Return on Investment Guarenteed

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be a postpartum leader in your commmunity

diversify your revenue stream

save time by not reinventing the wheel


Are you looking to add a new program in your gym?

Are you unsure how to program for new moms?

Are you looking to bring members (new moms) back to your community sooner?

Are you looking to add a new revenue stream?

Do you have down time in your gym where you could add a new class?

Are you looking for on-going support for your program?

Are you unsure how to market to new moms?

If you answered YES to the questions above, we've got you covered!

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Hear the Story:

How Dumbbells & Diapers was formed, how it helps moms, and how it helps the gyms bottom line

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What Moms Have to Say:


How It Works

Every gym owner has been there.  After pregnancy, the member/new mom cancels the membership and is gone.  Some come back months later, but most do not.  To compound the issue, those that do come back go through the same programming as the class; but they really need specific programming to rebuild their pelvic floor and core strength after pregnancy.  [Have females told you they pee during jump rope or box jumps?  This should NOT happen!]  This program will help new moms regain their fitness in safe and controlled class, educate and support the coach delivering the class, and help you the gym owner increase your revenue!

Step 1

Complete Dumbbells & Diapers Training Course

In this self-paced online course, you will cover everything needed to run a successful program.

- Education on postpartum time frame and the changes women face

- Education on how to coach postpartum athletes

- How to schedule sessions and class times

- How to price your services

- How to find the right coach 

- How to pay your coach

- How to market to fill the class

Step 2

Access to Support and Tools

After the online course, we offer a-la-cart services to suit your programs needs.  No long term commitments, no extranous services.  Pay only for what you use and need! 

Step 3

Launch Your Program

Once you have completed all the training and discussed the introduction of your new program with your mentor, it's time go live and start helping moms in your area get healthy and happy!



After having my second baby, I was finding it more difficult to return to fitness and establish a regular routine so I was thrilled when I came across a class that was specifically targeted for post-partum women. While it is no surprise that a woman's body goes through immense changes with pregnancy and childbirth, getting back into shape can be a daunting task. I felt safe and supported knowing that the classes were focused on restoring core strength and pelvic floor health, without having to worry about which exercises should be avoided. [Coach] Denise did a great job of explaining exercises and giving feedback to ensure they were performed correctly and providing the greatest benefit. She was very knowledgeable on which exercises to avoid, and which ones would be most beneficial during the post-partum period, and it gave me even more confidence knowing that she had recently gone through the same transformation. Each class had options to scale the workout so we were able to challenge ourselves when we felt ready, or modify when needed. I have always been an active person and was pleasantly surprised at how challenging the workouts were! The best part of Dumbbells and Diapers was having the ability to bring my new baby with me so I was able to make fitness a priority, without having to sacrifice time with my daughter or feel guilty about leaving her in those early months. I feel stronger than ever and would highly recommend this class to new moms of all fitness levels!  


I always said I would be the kind of person who prioritized fitness.  Then I had two kids.  Logistics have always been a continual issue, so when I heard about Dumbbells and Diapers I knew it was a big opportunity for me.  The first sessions were TOUGH.  It was hard to face how much my body had changed and how out of shape I was.  But I hung in there and I'm so pumped about the progress I've made!  I knew the fitness and weights would have a big impact; I'm happier, stronger, more energetic, sleep better, and eat better.  What I didn't really account for was how significant the abdominal and pelvic floor repair work be for me.  I had over an inch of abdominal separation when I started and 12 weeks later it has completely closed.  More importantly, I can actually feel my core when I exercise (or even just pick up my baby) and I'm feeling more like myself again.  Denise has been a fantastic coach, managing to blend tough programming with encouragement and empathy for the unique challenges of being postpartum.  She has pushed me to do more when I could and helped me scale appropriately when things didn't feel right.  All in all, I am so grateful to have the flexibility of bringing my baby with me to the gym and am so excited to make some more gains.