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Breaking Down the Numbers: Revenue and ROI

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Microgyms are bombarded every day with ads, promotions, and new ideas for programs. We get it. We own a gym ourselves. This is why we want to very clearly lay out how the Dumbbells & Diapers program works, and how our revenue stream compares to the ROI of a potential buyer. Lastly, I'll put it through Chris Coopers "new idea" filters to determine if its a good idea.

First, the numbers:

We've been running Dumbbells and Diapers for over two years. The first year was all learning and experimentation. We almost stopped the program when we had 1 mom in class. But we kept tweaking our program and improving our knowledge of the postpartum period. Now for the last year, we've averaged $2,000 per session, with an average of $300 in ads, for $1700 in front end revenue. We run sessions back to back, throughout the year. Some moms do multiple sessions, and some moms transition over to CrossFit memberships. It adds up! [We go over how many classes, times, costs per member, and more within our online course.]

Second, the Return on Investment:

Currently the Dumbbells & Diapers Online Course is $300.

Assuming an average first session of $1700 front end revenue = SOLID ROI

The on-going monthly Dumbbells & Diapers program is currently $50/mo in which we send monthly coach education, advertising tips, and more. As the saying goes, if you are not moving forward and progressing, you are moving backwards. We aim to be industry leaders in postpartum fitness!

If you want us to program for you, that's $100.

Then lets say you do a mentor call for extra gains, that's $150

At a minimum, $50 expense for a potential revenue of well over $1,000 front end revenue.

At most, $300 expense for a potential revenue of well over $1,000 front end revenue.

Now lets send it through the filter test:

1) The BS Filter - Is this an idea or a proven strategy?

- We've been doing it consistently, for over a year.

2) The Math Filter - What metric will change? By how much?

- Gross revenue up. Profit up. Expenses up (minimally). See ROI.

3) The Time Filter - Do you need to do it now? When is best?

- Our recommendation, do this when your coach is ready. Even though the steps are built out in our online program, there's still work to do. Website. Email campaigns. Ads. Social Media. It's not an enormous amount of work, but it does take commitment to get through it and be ready for your first session!

4) The Variables Filter - What's the next best step?

- Is this the best next step for your business? Do you have the capital and time to start? Do you have a coach interested in running such a program? Or would you take it on yourself?

5) The Context Filter - Is this right for my specific case right now?

- Think of all the shiny objects you are presented with as a gym owner. Does this make sense for your gym? Can you successfully implement our steps? Can you see yourself running these sessions back to back, and being a leader in your community for postpartum health?

We never want a gym to feel pressured to add this program or to think its not all its cracked up to be. If you're thinking about, hop on a FREE call with us. Meet us, we'll show you what we're about, and you can decide then. We hope to have you with us on the Dumbbells & Diapers Team!

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