• Denise Ann Olson

The Power of Mentorship

We are in the relationship business. High performing micro-gyms know its about quality over quantity. They know to track things like Average Revenue per Member (ARM) and Length of Engagement (LEG). What do those two metrics tell you? In short, how much the member trusts you. The more they spend at your gym, the more they trust you to help them solve their problems. Likewise, the longer they stay at your gym, the more they trust you to help them solve their problems. Thus, relationships - and trust - are everything.

The same applies with Dumbbells & Diapers. Its a relationship between you (either the gym owner or program coach) and your mentor. Your mentor has years of experience running Dumbbells & Diapers and is here to help you improve your ARM and LEG with your Dumbbells & Diapers program.

We offer free intro calls to all prospective new members to determine if we are a good fit for each other. This is your opportunity to meet us, and ask any general questions about the program. We don't want this to be a blind date situation, hoping and praying for a normal person to show up, we want you to meet us and make sure its a good fit before moving on!

If you decide to join the program, Phase 1 (online education) comes with two mentor calls. Call one we go over more of the logistics, from websites to drip emails to ads to pricing and more. Call two we like to discuss more of the coaching side, and covering all the things you may, or may not, see during class, and how to really help the moms. Having done Dumbbells & Diapers classes for over two years, we've seen a lot of [unusual, odd, interesting] things happen, and we can help prepare you for that to make sure class runs smoothly!

After completion of the online course and your two mentor calls, Phase 2 is the continuing Dumbbells & Diapers program. During this time, you can purchase additional mentor calls at any time if you run into issues or want to run an idea by us. Additionally, as the saying goes, you can only improve what you track, we have all gyms track their ARM and LEG among other metrics. Knowing your numbers is critical to improving your program!

Our vision is to create a brand that strongly promotes women's postpartum health, and as a Dumbbells & Diapers gym, you can be a leader among your community.

Want to learn more? Book that FREE call! We look forward to helping you grow YOUR program!

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