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Why Adding Dumbbells & Diapers Works

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

I have owned CrossFit Simsbury for over six years. After my wife Denise and I had our first child, we experienced the frustrations of her trying to get back into fitness. We did not have our son in child care, so she either needed a babysitter to workout, or to find a class where she could bring our son. Having no quality babysitters available, and no "mommy and me" fitness classes to go to, we opted to create our own. The program has been running for some time now, and we have learned a lot to get the program to where it is. Here is why we love this program, and why it can help moms at your gym:

First, it "helps first". New moms NEED a program like this. Around us, there are literally no mommy and me classes, at least for working out. The demand is there, and will always be there, as long as the birth rate stays up!

Second, the postpartum period is a black hole of education. New moms receive so little information from their doctor or midwife, and are often left to figure it out on their own. This is where we come in with postpartum education and a dedicated, caring coach to lead the way.

Third, women on maternity leave are able to attend classes during the day. In fact-many of our D& D moms have said they were looking for something to do during the day, so you can create this class during down time at your gym. We hold ours at 10:30am, but you could do anytime during the day that you do not currently run a class.

Fourth, you do not need any new equipment!

Fifth, the ROI is high for the gym. The initial investment to learn how to operate the program and optional mentoring calls ensure the quality and ROI remains high.

Sixth, this is a great opportunity for a Coach to lead the program and make a nice income from it, with little work for the owner.

Seventh, it creates a new opportunity to bring in members who otherwise might steer away from CrossFit. We have a good amount of moms decide to transition over to our regular CrossFit classes after seeing they are capable of it and how friendly and nice the members are!

As the program continues to grow, our aim is to become the premier resource for postpartum fitness and education.

If you are interested in learning more about offering this program to your members and women in your area, you can book a free call or sign up right online!

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